What they do

Aldosterone receptor antagonists, also called MRAs, block the effects of a hormone produced naturally by your adrenal glands which can cause your heart failure to get worse. Aldosterone receptor antagonists affect the balance of water and salts going into your urine and are weak diuretics. They help lower blood pressure, reduce congestion and thus protect the heart.

Aldosterone receptor antagonists have been shown to be particularly effective in advanced heart failure and are often taken together with other heart failure drugs.

What are the expected benefits?

Aldosterone receptor antagonists or MRAs have been shown to reduce heart failure-related hospitalisations, prolong life, and improve exercise tolerance and quality of life.

Side effects

This drug can sometimes affect kidney function and can also increase potassium levels. This is especially important for patients who also use ACE inhibitors or ARBs. Your doctor will monitor your kidney function and potassium levels through regular blood tests.

In some rare cases, aldosterone receptor antagonists can cause breast enlargement or tenderness, especially in men. The newer drugs don’t have this effect.

Also known as:

  • Spironolactone
  • Eplerenone
  • Combination products
    (Aldactide®, Lasilactone®)

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