Here are some other suggestions you may like to consider:

  • Involve family and close friends. Managing heart failure effectively is often a group effort. You could suggest active outings with family and friends, based on how much your partner or relative can do. Or, you could prepare healthy meals together.
  • Encourage other family members to make changes now to reduce their own risk of heart disease or heart failure in the future. Your partner or relative may not feel so singled out or isolated.
  • Don't be over protective of your partner or relative and do everything for them. Although people with heart failure may have certain physical limitations, they need to stay active and exercise moderately. If everything is done for them, they may feel as though their independence has been taken away or that they are a burden.

Explore this site together. This will help to empower both of you, while also providing an opportunity to discuss several aspects of their condition.

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