You may be very hesitant to speak to your partner or relative about what to expect in the future with their health. These issues are extremely difficult to raise, especially when you are trying to be positive.

However, it is very important that you and your partner or relative bear in mind that planning for the future is not the same as giving up. Actually, this is a way for you both to cope and control the situation better and make things easier for all concerned. Though it's difficult to initiate, dealing with these issues can bring a great deal of peace of mind leaving you to focus your energies on living a full life now.

As soon as you feel up to it, talk with your partner or relative about drawing up an advance care directive. This involves looking at preparing documents which explain what your partner or relative's wishes would be for medical care in the future in case he or she becomes unable to communicate. Click here for more information on planning for the end of life.

You may find this is also a good time to make sure that financial matters, including wills and life insurance policies, are also in order.