General links

Arrhythmia Alliance
British Heart Foundation (BHF
Cardiac Matters
Cardiomyopathy Association
Public health portal of the European Union
Patient UK
Heart Research UK
British Society of Heart Failure
National Heart Forum
EPG Patient Direct (information on cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and thrombosis)
Myocardial Ischemia (information, causes, symptoms, treatment...)

Heart transplant information

UK Transplant
Cardiomyopathy Association
To transplant and beyond
British Organ Donor Society (BODY)
British Heart Foundation

Help to stop smoking

Asian Quit Line


Eat well, be well
BHF booklets
HEART UK (Healthy eating fact sheets)
Heart Research UK - Food for a healthy heart



National societies

Austrian Society of Cardiology
Belgian Heart League
Belgian Society of Cardiology
Association of Cardiologists of Bosnia & Herzegovina
British Cardiovascular Society
Bulgarian Society of Cardiology
Croatian Cardiac Society
Cyprus Heart Foundation
Czech Society of Cardiology
Danish Heart Foundation
Danish Society of Cardiology
Estonian Cardiac Society
Finnish Cardiac Society
Finnish Heart Association
French Society of Cardiology
German Cardiac Society
German Heart Foundation
Hellenic Cardiological Society
Hungarian National Heart Foundation
Iceland Heart Association
Irish Cardiac Society
Irish Heart Foundation
Israel Heart Society
Italian Federation of Cardiology
Italian Heart Foundation
Lithuanian Heart Association
Lithuanian Society of Cardiology
Macedonia Society of Cardiology
Netherlands Heart Foundation
The Netherlands Society of Cardiology
Norwegian Society of Cardiology
Polish Cardiac Society
Portuguese Heart Foundation
Portuguese Society of Cardiology
Romanian Society of Cardiology
Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation
Slovak Society of Cardiology
Slovenian Heart Foundation
Slovenian Society of Cardiology
Spanish Heart Foundation
Spanish Society of Cardiology
Swedish Heart Lung Foundation
Swedish Society of Cardiology
Swiss Heart Foundation
Swiss Society of Cardiology
Turkish Heart Foundation
Turkish Society of Cardiology

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