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My daughter is very good. She says that I should, a good thing actually and I'm very aware of this she said to me, because he's got into the habit of if he wants a drink of water and I've given him his tablets, he'll say, "My glass is empty," and I've actually gone over and got the glass and come out in the kitchen and filled it up and given it to him, and she saw me one day when she was here one weekend and she said, "Mother, you mustn't do that!" I said, "Why not?" So she said, "Because you're making him an invalid," she says, "He's quite capable of getting up and going to get a glass of water and the more you do that and the more you do things the worse you'll make him." And I thought about it, and I thought she's right, she is.

And now, sometimes I just say, "No, you know where the water is, go and get it." And he gets quite nasty at times, he gets quite cross if I won't do it. But sometimes I don't say anything, I just sit here, and eventually he sort of grabs his glass, storms back to the kitchen gets his glass of water! [laughs]. But... that's one thing you have to be very aware of that you can actually make people worse, by running around after them and doing too much. I think that's almost as bad as, I don't know it's, well you just make them worse, you make them, you will make them an invalid eventually.