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Yes, I certainly do recommend the support group. We have an absolutely wonderful one here which started with a few people coming out of rehab, which they have today in a lot of hospitals, (they don't have it in all hospitals I don't think or they certainly didn't), and from that, to get people together with you know, the same sort of problems and you go and talk to people and instead of thinking, 'Gosh I've got this, I've got that', you speak to somebody else and they say, 'So have I', and it lessens it, totally shared. And you sort of think well she or he looks all right and it is an absolutely wonderful thing. And if you sort of mix socially as well, which our support group does, we have a tremendous social activities and combined with, of course exercises, walks and meetings where people talk about medical things, not always by any means. But you know, we get together and we see people, 80 year olds 90 year olds (well she is not quite 90 our oldest one but she's in her mid-eighties absolutely wonderful), whose has had the same problems as people in their 40s who think, 'Golly I won't get there..', but you can. We are all different though. Every single case is totally different. But it is a wonderful thing, support groups I think are essential.