Basically it was about end of November that I started. Developed like well, I couldn't eat my food, my food wouldn't settle. Any time I ate, no matter the littlest thing I ate, I felt like I was bloated. So I went to my own GP who, in turn, turned round and told me that I had a... suffered with asthma, so he gave me an inhaler and this was like in November. And I was using the inhaler up until the 28 or whenever it was of December when me and my sister went out, just normal, going out with her husband and so forth, just over the Christmas, because I hadn't been with them all over the Christmas. Went out with them and ended up collapsing after coming out of a club. Got to my local hospital, they turned round and says, 'Well, you've had a mild heart attack.'

It felt as if the slightest, anything you ate, it could be half a bar of chocolate, an apple, it just felt that your stomach was full, and that was the fluid developing on the stomach because of the heart's apparently working too hard, and the fluid couldn't get out. Right so the heart was creating too much fluid on the lungs, that's it, water on the lungs, that's what they call it.

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