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The most likely thing is getting a virus which attacked my heart when I was abroad. I could have had it before I went, and it got worse when I was abroad, but I've got no history of heart disease in the family, I don't smoke, so they just think it was a virus and I was just unlucky.

When you were abroad were you aware of being ill or having a virus?

As I say, when I was in Hong Kong a couple of people got coughs and colds, and my husband got a cold. I just seemed to start coughing and didn't really take a lot of notice, everybody gets coughs and colds. It's a funny atmosphere over there, it's very very hot, humid, but air conditioning everywhere and you go from the heat to the cold, and I just thought it was just a bug I'd picked up. But they said it had attacked my heart.

Who said that? Can you tell me a bit about that sort of diagnosis as it were?

I've asked my consultant at the hospital why I got this and he said, the only thing, it's a mystery, the only thing that he can think is that the virus I caught when I was abroad. Nobody else knows. I was asked to have, I don't know what it's called but they put a camera into your vein, to look at my heart, but I was really nervous about having it done, and I said, "Would it benefit me at all?" My consultant said, "No, it won't benefit you. And if you really are nervous about having it done we won't do it". So I didn't have to have that. I've had a scan on my heart, and I'm really pleased to say the last scan, my heart's nearly back to normal size, because what I've got is an enlarged heart, and it wasn't pumping things around my body and that's why I got all swollen up.