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I am told, by the great specialist, that I have an extensively irregular heart beat and when I say extensively, as in time. In other words, it's very irregular most of the time, even with the Sotalol. And a few years ago, when I first saw him, I suppose 6 years or whatever it was ago when I first saw him, he told me that... having palpitations meant that the chambers of the heart didn't flush themselves out of blood properly and there was a danger that clots could form and you know, this was an extremely dangerous sort of situation and blah, blah, blah. But he's now told me that the latest research has shown that in fact it doesn't really happen like that and it doesn't really matter, and that having a disorganised heartbeat is not necessarily as bad is it was once thought to be. And frankly, I don't notice it.

And so, it does occasionally, if I get stressed up or somebody irritates me I can feel it going, I can feel wonky behaviour coming on with the heart. And I would also say that, you know if one is discomforted, you know, if it's a very hot day and you're having to stand in the tube train or something (which God forbid one doesn't have to do anymore now) but you would notice it then. The rest of the time I just ignore it. Sometimes you feel it and think wow, and I sort of quickly go like that and say 'Yes, it's still beating, yes!' But it is actually quite irregular.