Explains how she manages her diurectic medicine.

I take my water tablet first thing on a morning with my others and within an hour of taking my water tablet I go to the toilet. Before I get dressed I go to the toilet; when I'm dressed I come downstairs and start doing something, I have to go to the toilet. On a morning it's the only time it affects me. On an afternoon, after about 1 o'clock, I might go 5 or 6 times between 7.30 or 8.00am and 1.00pm, maybe more, but after that I don't bother. And that's one thing about the water tablets, I must admit is, I don't have to get up, maybe once during the night but I think I've got rid of it all on a morning (laughing) so like there's nothing left.

Yes I have organised my life round them. I should do it more really, because if we go shopping to the local supermarket I know where the toilets are, if we go into town to do any shopping, I know where the toilets are! But it's just a case of I know how long, it's either that, or leaving my shopping in the car and running straight to the toilet, front door open, back door open, all doors open, just quick, get to the toilet!