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Before I was discharged the physiotherapist took me to the gym down stairs and in the gym there were a number of people doing various exercises and she said they were all ex-patients who had bypass operations and I was, you know, I was pretty impressed. You know, they were doing, they were jumping up and down and they were doing skipping, and they were doing a mild form of press-ups.

A number of fairly strenuous looking things and I thought, oh well it must have been two or three years since they've had their bypass and I asked her about that and she said, turned to one of the chaps and she said "How long ago have you had your bypass?" and he said, "Oh, just six weeks ago now."

So that was, that was a real eye opener and again something very positive. And really from that moment on I felt, and my wife, we both felt very positive about the whole thing.