Heart failure in young patient: Explains how he rests regularly to deal with his tiredness

Every day I'll need some kind of rest, this has been a well-used couch if you will and, and that's anything from half an hour to 3 hours. I just have to lie down and, and you, the tiredness it's difficult to describe.

It's like, if you'd doing a series of exams, 3 or 4 exams and you've not slept in between or anybody that's had young children, very young children, those first few months particularly if they're not sleeping and you're the one that's having to get up or you sharing it between you, and you get 3 or 4 nights of no sleep or hardly any, where your brain can't think, you can't digest the information, you actually don't want anything there beyond you, you don't, you can hear a television but if somebody asks you a question, well that's now too much information.

I can't take two things at the same time. I have to turn one off, ...and automatically that's, well I'm not listening to you, it, that's how it goes, it's just so fatiguing and its, my family get the brunt of that unfortunately.