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The wonderful specialist at our local hospital was doing the angiogram and he said, 'My God, my God, here we've got some blackmail for the health authorities. You must be in immediately!', and they gave me a mitral valve you know, metal or carbon or something, and when I was even coming out of intensive care, even when I was in intensive care and I was really not compos mentis I just felt wonderful! I cannot tell you. It was like being for years and years and years in a sort of, and I kept having heart failures, all the way along I was having little heart failures but you know, you sort of get used to a situation almost, it sounds stupid, but you do!

And you know, the most wonderful thing in the world is to have a new valve or whatever, I am sure for other people, other things but that is really how it came about and that's 7 years ago. And since then, I mean another one is playing up a bit now but even so, you know, I mean I'm so much better than I was. For the few years before I couldn't drive for three years before, just couldn't, it wouldn't have been safe, you know and all this sort of thing. So really that is the build up and what I have got to now.