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My drug dosage is based on three applications a day; a morning, a lunchtime and an evening dosage. I have a little ritual on a Sunday where I sit down with my three weekly boxes, I have three boxes divided into the days of the week which anybody can buy from the pharmacist and I have found them most useful because one of the problems I've got with this condition (I don't know if it's the condition or just a problem I've got), but I have a terrible memory, incredibly bad memory so I have these three boxes which I purchased, and I sit every Sunday morning and put all the relevant tablets into the relevant boxes, so I take out these 9 or 11 in the morning, only three at lunchtime now because they've upped the dosage to a point where - what tends to happen sometimes is for example if I'm taking isosorbide mononitrate 60 milligrams, the tablets only come in 20 milligram dosage so you end up taking three at lunchtime, three in the morning, well now they actually do a 60 milligram one so I only take one. So that's my lunchtime ones, and in the evening I take another three for cholesterol and all sorts of bits and pieces, and that's basically how I do it and my aide memoire is that I get up in the morning and... before I get washed and dressed, I will take my tablets. The lunchtime ones... is just routine, I don't always remember, I have to confess to that one, my lunchtime ones but I try to, and then the evening ones, well again before getting into bed, I take my evening ones. They're not too bad to remember, I do occasionally forget those as well, but not too often. I think in total there's about - because they've reduced the quantity by increasing the dosage of tablet - I'm down to about 18 a day now from about 24 or whatever it was.