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I'm aware that I could die at any moment, I'm aware that I might not be here tomorrow. I've tried to meet that circumstance, it's a mental thing, I have arranged my own funeral, I've paid for it, and tried to set my affairs in order so that whoever tries to look after my estate whoever it is, will have the easiest passage imaginable. I've brought my financial affairs into some sort of simple order and I don't worry about the future. I've done all that I possibly know how to, to cope with that eventuality whenever it happens, whether it happens tomorrow or three years time or what have you.

My doctor calls me his star patient! And that is encouraging to me, I don't know whether I am really his star patient or not, but he's bolstered me up to that extent and I've something to live up to!

But I'm not worried about the future. I'm not afraid of death; I'm afraid of dying and there's a difference isn't there. I mean if I went to bed one night and didn't wake up in the morning that would be the way I would wish it to be, just as simple as that, like turning over a page.