In general, it’s best for people with heart failure to stay as active as possible, as moderate exercise can help improve symptoms, reduce stress and boost energy levels.

Regular exercise sufficient to provoke mild or moderate breathlessness is recommended, and shouldn’t be feared. If your partner or relative is afraid of exercising, or doesn’t know how much exercise is advisable, talk to their doctor or nurse.

Click here for more ideas on appropriate exercise for your partner or relative. It’s also important for your partner or relative to know when to try to conserve energy, so they can do the things they enjoy. Below are some tips on how they can do this:

  • Sit down while preparing food, making it an easier task.
  • Make daily trips to the shops to buy a few things rather than going once a week and having to carry very heavy bags.
  • If your partner or relative finds washing and dressing very tiring, get them to take a 20-minute break after they have washed before getting dressed.

Click here to find out about more ways of conserving energy.

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