Many people with heart failure have a lot of questions relating to how they feel after being diagnosed and the impact their condition can have on their life. This website provides information and tips on living with heart failure, coping with your emotions and your relationships, but sometimes you may find it useful to discuss these feelings with a healthcare professional.

Since being diagnosed with heart failure, I have been feeling depressed. What help is available?
Depression and anxiety are very common in people who have been recently diagnosed with heart failure. However, if these feelings persist, talking to your doctor may help. He/she may be able to recommend some counseling for you, to help you come to terms with your diagnosis and adapt your lifestyle as required. Some modification of your medicines may be required.

Am I still able to have sexual relations?
Just as you should avoid strenuous activities now that you have been diagnosed with heart failure, you may need to make changes to your sexual activity. Often this doesn't mean that you have to stop sexual activity altogether, but your doctor/nurse will be able to advise you on what level of sexual activity is suitable for you. You may also find that you are not as interested in sex, this may be due to feelings of anxiety or depression caused by your heart failure. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor or nurse. If you are having problems achieving an erection, this may also be due to your medications. Don't be embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor. There is effective medical therapy for this condition.